SPF 101: Everything You Need To Know For Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Okay friends, yes it’s May and that means it is skin cancer awareness month BUT let’s be real – the awareness for skin cancer should be spread year round! SPF is not a seasonal product and neither is sun damage to your beautiful skin. We are here to get you up to speed on ALL things SPF and skin cancer so you can be the hottest person in the nursing home one day 😉

Let’s get into it! 

Do I really need SPF every day?

We may start to sound like a broken record but we are here to tell you YES, YES, and once again YES – You need to incorporate SPF into your skincare routine. Millions of people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year – 5 million Americans to be exact. While it is one of the most highly diagnosed forms of cancer it is also the MOST preventable form. So if your sunscreen is not your bestie, it’s time to make that change! 

Even if you’re not planning on laying out or being outside for too long, sunscreen should be applied every day during your skincare routine. Sun damage starts the minute you step outside OR into the sunlight; aka through your car window! Sun exposure puts you at risk for skin cancer AND speeds up the aging process causing fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.  

Don’t be one of those that say “Oh that won’t happen to me” because trust us friends it can happen to ANYONE! 

 This man was a truck driver for 30 years, and never wore sunscreen. Here you can see the effects of sun damage on the side of his face that saw the sun through just his truck window.

The ABCs of Skin Cancer

Early bird certainly gets the worm and early detection of skin cancer just may save your skin or even your life! It’s important to self-examine your skin for particular signs of skin cancer so you can get it treated as soon as possible! Lucky for you, there is a simple way to recognize these signs – The ABCs. 

  • .A is for Asymmetry. Cancerous spots are often asymmetrical, which means the shape isn’t uniform. Non-cancerous moles are typically uniform and symmetrical in shape. 
  • B is for Border. Cancerous spots often have borders that aren’t well-defined or irregular in shape, whereas non-cancerous moles usually have smooth, well-defined borders.
  • C is for Color. Cancerous lesions are often more than one color or shade. Moles that are benign are typically one color. 
  • D is for Diameter. Cancerous growths are normally larger than 6mm in diameter, about the diameter of a standard pencil.
  • E is for Evolving. Cancerous spots will often change characteristics, such as size, shape, or color. Unlike most benign moles cancerous spots change over time. 

If you notice spots with any of these characteristics it is important to make an appointment with your dermatologist so you can be treated as soon as possible! 

Our Favorite SPF Products

Let’s make today the day you STOP damaging your skin from the sun to prevent early signs of aging and reduce your risk of skin cancer. We have SEVERAL SPF products that are sure to leave your skin protected and glowing! Here are some of our best sellers: 

  • IsClinical Eclipse SPF Formulated specifically for daily use and extended outdoor activities, this SPF provides all-physical broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, is ultra-sheer and lightweight, water resistant, and paraben free! 


  • IsClinical PerfecTint Powder SPF This silky smooth broad spectrum SPF protects the skin against the visible signs of aging while minimizing the appearance of pores. It absorbs surface oil to create a matte flawless finish. 


  • Sunbetter TONE SMART SPF Compact This broad-spectrum sunscreen acts as a primer under makeup and may be layered for additional coverage. 


  • Sunbetter Sheer SPF Stick This broad-spectrum protection is excellent for recreational and on-the-go use. It offers a high level of sun protection in a weightless, transparent, and easy-to-apply stick.


When it comes to protecting your skin, Pure Glow has you covered! Don’t make the mistake of exposing yourself to sun damage this summer. Shop all of our skincare products for daily protection AND nightly repair today!