Pure Glow

At Pure Glow, we want to treat the skin differently. Our mission is to treat the skin from the inside out by merging advanced technology with holistic methods to provide dynamic results while providing you with the deepest relaxation.

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Our Philosophy

Our approach is based on treating the whole self. We want to target your skin concerns by developing a relationship with you so we can discover the root cause to those concerns. Together, we will create a skincare plan featuring pharmaceutical-grade products with ingredients essential to activating repair in combination with skillfully developed techniques and technologically-advanced equipment to dynamically treat any challenging skin condition.

Our goal is that by focusing on results, first and foremost, by being ingredient and technology centric, we will help you to achieve your deepest skincare goals — allowing you to look and, most importantly, feel your very best.

med·i·cal ho·lis·tic

We want to target the source of common aesthetic concerns by treating both the skin and the body with medical-grade, non-toxic products and use strategic, technologically advanced aesthetic services to achieve authentic, long lasting transformations. 

We want to treat the whole person–taking into account dietary, social, and mental  factors, rather than just the symptoms of an issue. This is how we combine the medical with the holistic. 

Example:  for a client with acne, we aren’t just going to treat the breakout – which we will absolutely do – but we want to look deeper at the issue to determine the cause so that we may provide long term change in the skin. 

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