*Price Varies by Service Provider

Pure Glow Facial

Our signature facial will leave your skin and mind feeling rejuvenated. Using a blend of enzymes and Vitamin C this facial will exfoliate, hydrate, protect and help reduce fine lines, revealing exceptional glowing skin. 

Fitness Facial

This unique 60 minute facial workout combines our exclusive facial fitness massage techniques with innovative tools, advanced technology, and medical grade products to stimulate blood circulation and collagen, boost the lymphatic system, and increase cell renewal to lift, tone, and tighten. Let us do the working out for you!

Fitness Facial +

Designed for those with busy lifestyles that need to target multiple concerns at once, this is your complete workout for face sculpting, hydration, and tension release. This includes our exclusive facial fitness massage, microcurrent to contour, tone, and lift, microneedling to infuse stem cells and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and erase lines and wrinkles, and a powerful shot of Cryo Oxygen that will leave the skin plumped and glowing. 

Sculpting Facelift Treatment w/ Inner-Oral Shaping

A highly specialized massage that originated in France, this facial is a fan favorite of Meghan Markle, J.Lo, and Kate Moss. The name buccal refers to the area being massaged, which is the inner cheek. We work on select muscles stretching and relaxing them, ultimately strengthening them. This promotes self-healing of the skin, removes blockages where toxic waste becomes trapped, helps to de-puff, softens deep lines and wrinkles, firms, tightens, lifts, and improves the posture of the face. 

Flash Facial

A quick 30-minute treatment to exfoliate, hydrate, mask, and go!

The Glow Getter

Not sure which of these facials is best for your skin? Book The Glow Getter and this will let our esthetician know we need to start with a consultation. Upon assessment, we will guide you on what facial would be best for you, and you can decide and relax from there!


This is a proven choice in anti aging for clients seeking to reverse or slow down the aging process. Using positive and negative currents, microcurrent reduces and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles. It is a non-surgical face lift for the neck, jaw, and eye areas. It increases collagen and elastin production while also oxygenating the skin, tissues and muscles of the face.

Facial Infusion with Revita Pen

The first non-acid peel in the skincare industry that creates a substantial increase of stimulation in collagen production. The Facial Infusion gently resurfaces the epidermis by feeding the dermis to encourage cellular renewal, making it safe for every skin condition. We combine this with the RevitaPen, which is a non-invasive tool that helps to penetrate the Facial Infusion 1,000 times deeper. This will help to increase firmness, even complexion, and reduce scarring giving you an instant glow.

Fire & Ice Facial

This infamous facial is designed to rapidly and safely resurface and rejuvenate the skin using a combination of two treatments. First, Fire: The very powerful Intensive Resurfacing Mask, designed to effectively resurface the skin, reduces signs of aging, treats fine lines, and enhances the renewal of skin cells. Then, Ice: This cooling, rejuvenating mask utilizes Vitamins A & B3 along with powerful ingredients to soothe, nourish, and hydrate the skin. 

Radiance Facial

This results-driven treatment will change the image of your skin in just one session. Vitamin C, Lactic acid, and gentle, yet effective enzymes, speed up cellular turnover thus lightening, tightening and brightening all skin types, even Rosacea and sensitive skin. 

Dermaplane Facial

A non-invasive way to help rejuvenate the skin. Sloughs away dead skin cells. Help reduce the visibility of acne scarring and slight wrinkling. Removes “peach fuzz” and allows products to penetrate deeper into the skin.

The Tailored Facial (formerly The Indulge)

Feel like you need some of this facial and some of that  facial? Allow us to customize a facial just for you. We tailor this facial for your exact concerns and needs blending some or all of our facials together.

Glow on the Go

The best quick pick me up. This includes Dermaplane, our signature Vitamin C peel, and an abbreviated facial massage.

Chemical Peel

All of our peels are specially formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Creating the perfect blend of exfoliation and healing. From light chemical peels to deep pharmaceutical peels. For lightening, acne, aging, scarring, and rejuvenation.

*price varies by peel

Acne Treatment

Using a potent blend of Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids, blended with lilac plant derived stem cells, this treatment will reduce blemishes, redness and diminish post breakout dark spots. 

Teen Clean Facial

A great facial to introduce skin care to your teen. This facial focuses on cleansing the pores, taking care of any trouble areas of the skin, and teaching your teen how to properly take care of their skin.


Schedule a time to discuss your concerns and goals for your skin with one of our licensed aestheticians. Together we will create a customized skin care regimen to match your budget and your skin needs. 

*Price of the consultation will be deducted from any products that you purchase or any service done during this first visit, should this take place.

Cryo Oxygen Contouring

Freeze away ten years in five minutes with a high pressure shot of frozen CO2. In this treatment we use a powerful concentration of oxygen, atomized active ingredients, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, plump, and lock in moisture. In just five minutes we activate blood microcirculation, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and visibly improve your skin’s texture. This CO2 shot is fast, effective, and pain free. 

Cryo Oxygen Treatment

Our exclusive facial fitness massage, a shot of our cryo oxygen with peptides and hyaluronic acid serum, and our anti-aging red light therapy leave you looking lifted, rejuvenated, and youthful.

Add on a shot of Cryo Oxygen to any facial for $100

Cancellation Policy

Our staff is in great demand, so please be respectful to their time and that of other guests by honoring your commitment to be here for your reservation. 

We require at least 24 hours when canceling an appointment. 

In the event of a late cancellation / no show the fee required is the full amount of your scheduled service(s), and your card on file will be charged.  If we are able to replace the appointment with a client on the wait list, we are happy to waive the fee.