FACESCULPT™ Microcurrent Wand


A non-invasive micro-current wireless device that gives your face a facial workout at home.


This device is used to reduce wrinkles, firm and tone your face, and define features like your cheekbones and jawline. Think of it as a non-invasive facelift – all from home! This is also a great way to continue the work that is done in the treatment room, as this will help to extend the results of your treatments with your skincare professionals.


Apply a generous amount of Skin Gym Microcurrent Conductive Gel on clean skin.


  1. Beginning on the left or right jawline, place spheres at the earlobe
  2. Glide from mid-jawline to lower ear.
  3. Move to laugh lines, and glide to mid-ear.
  4. Move to mid-face, and glide to upper ear.
  5. Repeat each glide three times.
  6. Move to forehead, and apply Gel Primer from the eyebrow to the hairline.
  7. Repeat each glide three times.


Wash off Conductive Gel or wipe off with cloth after performing steps on both sides of the face.

For best results, perform your face workout at least 5 days per week for 60 days. Then to maintain results,

2-3 days per week.

Additional information

Weight 0.587 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3.25 × 8 in


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FACESCULPT™ Microcurrent Wand

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